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"The arts reflect the sophistication and enlightenment of all societies, and the Central Valley finds a treasure in the Bach Children's Choir program. These young people receive extraordinary training that is not only vital to their development as well-rounded citizens, but is crucial to the cultural growth of our metropolitan area."

-- Dr. Anna Hamre
Former Director of Choral Activities, California State University, Fresno
Artistic Director, Fresno Community Chorus Master Chorale and Coro Piccolo

Mentor Program

This program has been designed to offer Youth Chorale members the opportunity to increase their musical abilities, as well as leadership and social skills, by assisting one of the BCC directors with a choir for an entire season. Involvement includes participation in lessons, preparation of mini lessons, interaction with singers, and exhibiting a positive attitude and helping other students get excited about singing.

Mentor directing"The Bach Children's Choir has impacted me on so many levels: I have grown in my musical ability and appreciation, I have made so many lasting friendships with wonderful people, and I have learned how to become a leader. I think the skills I have learned in choir are indispensable and unique: I never would have formed such tight bonds or had the chance to guide a class of second graders through a classical piece. These experiences have made an amazing mark on my life."  
-- Suzanna Quiring- BCC mentor and alumni    

“I really enjoy how the high school choir helps out with the young kids. They provide wonderful role models to follow and have been an excellent influence on my daughter”.   
-- Dolce parent- Cheri Haskell Mentor directing at concert

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