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"The arts reflect the sophistication and enlightenment of all societies, and the Central Valley finds a treasure in the Bach Children's Choir program. These young people receive extraordinary training that is not only vital to their development as well-rounded citizens, but is crucial to the cultural growth of our metropolitan area."

-- Dr. Anna Hamre
Former Director of Choral Activities, California State University, Fresno
Artistic Director, Fresno Community Chorus Master Chorale and Coro Piccolo

Neighborhood Chorus

Neighborhood Chorus: Inspiring Fresno in a new waylogo

The mission of the Bach Children's Choir is to unite children throughout the community and across socioeconomic, cultural, racial, and geographic lines through music. In order to pursue this goal in a new way, we launched a Neighborhood Chorus program with Ann Leavenworth Elementary School in 2011.

We are excited that we are able to continue this program at Ann Leavenworth Elementary School and have hopes to start up the program at another school in Fresno Unified thanks to the support of our donors.

2012Ann Leavenworth Elementary is a Title I school in a low income area of Fresno Unified School District. Due to cutbacks, they have not been able to offer vocal music in 10 years. We hope to fill this void with a program that combines classical music training with fun activities and performance opportunities. Our program will subsidize their education and provide this vital missing element, teaching kids creativity, cooperation, musical skills and focus. We are excited to bring children of the Bach Children’s Choir and the Ann Leavenworth Choir together in music.

Singing the National Anthem at the Fresno Grizzlies Game ...

Winter Concert ...winter concert

"We've decided to take on this project because we think music should be a part of
everyone's life-it fulfills a need that nothing else can; a need that can sometimes be left behind by challenging budgets and changing priorities. We need to go to these kids,
because they're unable to come to us."
Valerie Quiring, Artistic Director

choir exchange

In order to expand this pilot program, we need the support of the Fresno community. Become a part of the Neighborhood Chorus family by making a donation today.

Donations can be made at:
- www.bachchildrenschoir.org by using our Paypal account
- Mail a check made payable to the Bach Children's Choir
- Make a donation of services, including: printing, apparel, photography, advertising and recruiting other donors.

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